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Deep tissue massage and sports conditioning are not just for athletes. Have you woken up with a sore neck or is you lower back stiff? Make sure it’s dealt with asap!

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Looking for a massage that gets deeper into the muscles? Matt Holland Fitness specialises in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Deep Tissue Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuro Muscular Therapy and Cupping Therapy to release your trapped nerves, soothe sore muscles, and keep your body in great condition. Not sure what this all means? Don’t worry – it’s explained below.

Back & Leg Treatment – Sports Conditioning

Elite athletes have regular sports massage to ensure any slight muscular strains don’t turn into bigger issues and if you’re training you should also book in to make sure recovery time after heavy training sessions is reduced. Deep tissue massage is also recommended to release deep tissue soreness and help with constant stress or strain from posture affected jobs such as driving or desk based jobs or with day to day activities

What is Sports Massage Therapy & Deep Tissue Massage?

On this page we’ve put together the answers to a few of the more common questions associated with Sports Massage Therapy & Deep Tissue Massage. If there’s anything that you’re not sure about with the answers below or you have any further questions that you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to call us on 07912 754088 where we will try our very best to answer.

Sports Massage Therapy is all about improving sports performance, boosting flexibility & handling injuries or decreasing the risk of potential future injuries. Sports Massage Therapy is the breaking down of scars in the soft body tissue (muscle tissue) that have become stressed & tense through injury or from long periods playing sports. Sports massage is aimed towards a specific area of the body, that is the injured area.

The everyday person would more commonly go with a Deep Tissue Massage. Typically a Deep Tissue massage is used on a broad area of the body and is commonly used when someone works in a physically stressful job, or even over time, from bad posture (commonly found in desk or driving based jobs).

Over a number of sessions the stressed tissue (also known as scar tissue) is broken down using a variety of massage techniques. Treatments need to be vigorous, but the end product is well worth any slight discomfort. We use a variety of techniques including Myofascial Release (the release of connective tissue from broader areas of the body), Trigger Point Therapy (release of scar tissue from localised areas) & METs, (Muscle Energy Techniques, a form of assisted stretching). All of these are techniques used to trick the brain into releasing tight muscles. The benefits will be felt after the first session and over a number of sessions the stress or “knots” in the muscle tissue should be broken down completely.

Other reasons for Sports or Deep Tissue Massage include removing toxins from the body, relieving stress, boosting circulation, reducing tension and reducing physical pain.

What’s the difference between Sports & Swedish Massage?

The main difference between the two is that Swedish massage is used predominantly for relaxing purposes & has a calming effect on the body. The therapist uses light massage techniques mainly on the outer (or superficial) muscles to make the client feel completely relaxed. More often than not a client will fall asleep during a Swedish massage.
Sports massage is completely the opposite and is used to get into the really deep muscles of the body and at the time of the therapy your muscles are manipulated & flushed of toxins & debris (eg lactic acid). The body will feel huge benefits within a short space of time and after a day or two a huge improvement should be felt.

Who uses Sports Massage Therapy or Deep Tissue Massage?

Sports Massage Therapy is used by a broad spectrum of clients and is not only for athletes. It can be used to treat minor muscular injuries, aches and strains that can be picked up in a variety of situations. From sporting events to training in the gym to working in a physically demanding job, there are a great variety of situations where sports massage is required. More and more people who have desk based jobs use deep tissue massage therapy to help with postural problems & muscular imbalances. Emotional stress & the physical after effects of stress and/or depression can also be helped with sports massage through the releasing of endorphins into the blood stream.

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy for the Athlete

Maintenence – This is when a client will come to the therapist on a regular basis to keep his/her body in peak condition either during a training block or during their season. By concentrating on particular muscle groups the therapist can help the athlete maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility.

Event massage – This can be broken down into pre and post event massage.

Pre event massage – is used to help prepare the individual for the event. Regular sports massage is used by individuals such as marathon runners, cyclists or triathletes who are training long term. A typical marathon runners training block could be 6 months plus so they need to keep their body in optimal condition to avoid injury. Sports massages every 2-3 weeks greatly reduces the chance of injury by reducing muscle tension & increasing blood circulation. It can also help mental preparation by reducing tension or anxiety before the event.

Post event massage – This is used after the event & is a more calming massage to help bring the body back to a relaxed state. Various techniques are used to help enhance recovery & to help the body return to training as quickly as possible.

Rehabilitation – Used in conjunction with a Physiotherapist, sports massage can be used to help speed up recovery processes during rehabilitation from injury.

Benefits of sports massage for everyday life.

There are a number of ways that every day life can benefit from using sports massage:
Increased blood circulation
Increased muscle elasticity
Increased flexibility & mobility
The ability to decrease the risk of potential future injuries
Decreased anxiety levels
A better understanding of the connection between mind & body

Sports & Deep Tissue massage therapy is now available at 2 locations in central Lancashire. Treatments are available Monday – Friday at  The Chorley Clinic, 1 Mayfield Rd Chorley, PR6 0DG (2 mins drive from Chorley town centre) & at Your Physiotherapy 146 Station Rd, Bamber Bridge, PR5 6TN. There are also appointments available every other Saturday morning at our Bamber Bridge clinic.

Sessions are by appointment only and unfortunately we do not accept walk in appointments. Sessions are available in 30, 60 or 90 minute time slots. For pricing options please visit our pricing page.

For more information on Sports Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage or to book in please contact us on 07912 754088 or get in touch using our contact form.