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Preston Physiotherapy Chiropractor

Looking for a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor in Preston?

A lot of people who have a physical condition aren’t sure which direction they should go to get professional help. Do I go to a physiotherapist? Do I go to a Chiropractor? Many people will offer these suggestions when you’re complaining of issues, however they may not know the real difference. It may be that instead of these, you actually need a sports or deep tissue massage. All three professions are offered in the Preston area so don’t worry if you don’t know which you actually need.

There are similarities between all three professions and there are times when referrals are made between the three if a condition needs a particular expertise. At the end of the day, if you’re paying privately for a treatment then you want to know that you’re going to the right person before you pay out your hard earned cash.


A Chiropractor will generally work on the spine and will look at body mechanics associated with the spine. They will use manipulation techniques to make sure that the spine is working optimally. They will also treat associated symptoms such as slipped discs or sciatica.


A Physiotherapist will work with the musculoskeletal system and help to restore movement and function back to the body. Musculoskeletal means that they will work on a condition by working on the relationship between the muscles and the skeleton. This will also involve the nervous system and how that is associated with the given problem. Physiotherapists are used for a wide range of conditions including sports injuries and joint and soft tissue conditions. They also help with rehabilitation following strokes, heart attacks as well as ongoing conditions like Parkinsons disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Sports or Deep Tissue Therapy

A Sports or Deep Tissue Therapist works with the soft tissue in the body i.e. the muscles, tendons, ligaments and myofascial system. They will look to release knots and scar tissue in all areas of the body through various manipulation techniques. For a lot of people, tightness in the body is caused through postural dysfunction and could well be sorted out through a set of Sports or Deep Tissue Therapy sessions. Sessions involve massage techniques, trigger point therapy, muscle release therapy and assisted stretches. Many people who work in desk or car based professions would benefit from regular massage therapy.

Matt Holland Fitness are specialists in Sports and Deep Tissue Therapy. If you’re not sure what kind of therapist you need feel free to give us a call with your issues and we’ll advise accordingly.

You can contact Matt on 07912 754088.