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Plank for amazing core strength! If you’re wanting either the perfect 6 pack or a stronger back, Matt Holland Fitness, covering Preston & Chorley, specialise in using Core Stability and Core Strength exercises such as The Plank in our Personal Training programmes to help get your posture looking great and strengthen those deep spine muscles.

The plank is all about working the deepest abdominal layer, the transverse abdominus, as well as the internal and external obliques, all of which aren’t targeted in standard ab exercises.
Here are the main points to remember for a perfect plank

How to

Hold the “up” portion of a push-up while at the same time keeping your body as straight as possible. This will automatically engage the core muscles – the plank is that simple

Adjust Your Arms

Keep them in line with wrists, directly beneath shoulders. Resist the urge to move your elbows out to the side. You start to use your shoulders then.

Get in Line

Neck should be long, with a 6-inch distance between chin and chest. Look a few inches in front of your hands to align head and spine.

Keep your Back Straight

A flat back is the key to washboard abs. The transverse abdominis engages to stabilize the spine and hold you as stiff as a board. Drop or lift your hips and your abs won’t be working as effectively. Assume the position by a mirror, and keep an eye on technique. You should be able to have someone position a broom handle on your back with it touching your head, bum and feet.

Don’t Drop your Hips

Sagging in the middle puts pressure on your lower back. If you find that your hips start to sag then stand up and get your back into a neutral spine position then try again.

You don’t want to lift your hips high, either—that forces quads (thighs) to take over. Make sure everything is in line.

Matt Holland Fitness cover most of Central and South Lancashire offering Home Based Personal Training as well as having a fully equipped, Chorley based fitness studio. For locations covered please click here