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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Well we’re now half way through January and New Years Resolutions should be in full swing. Whether you’re doing dry January or eating healthier, this is the time of year to put behind you the excesses of December.

Possibly the most popular New Years Resolution is that people want to get fitter. Gyms are now packed with people wanting to lose a few pounds and get into better shape, but how long do these resolutions last for?

Well, statistics show that by the end of January nearly a quarter of new gym goers have quit already. By the end of February another quarter have had enough and by mid March most of the rest have hung up their gym shoes having paid a huge annual membership fee that they can’t get out of.

One of the main reasons that new gym members give up so quickly is that they go in the gym in January without really knowing what they’re doing, jump on a treadmill or cross trainer, go absolutely hell for leather in the hope that after two or three sessions of blood, sweat and tears they will have lost the two stone that they put on in December. By the end of February they realise that this isn’t going to happen and give it up as a bad idea, usually a few hundred pounds out of pocket as well.

Unfortunately, once most gym chains have you in there they will offer very little guidance as far as how to use equipment properly. They also have very little advice on effective weight loss and diet unless you want to pay for an in house personal trainer which will be extra again.

At Matt Holland Fitness we will show you how to lose weight the right way. How to tone up using weights and educate, ladies especially, that using weights will not bulk you up but get you toned. We will explain how training using only cardio equipment will not necessarily get you the results you want. We will teach you that there are no short cuts to weight loss and how to keep it off once it’s gone. We will be there to answer any questions and offer any advice.

Give us a ring on 07912 754088 or use the contact form for more info or to book in at our completely private, fully equipped Chorley based studio.

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