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Hemant Patel

Hemant Patel

“Hemant has lost nearly 4 stone in the last 12 months as well as over 5% body fat.”

Hemant is one of my first personal training clients and has achieved great results in the 3 years we have been working together.

“I was recommended to Matt in May 2012 by a friend of mine who happened to be client of Matt’s . My main objectives were to lose weight, lower body fat, become more flexible and after this, to maintain the work done. When I came to Matt I had done virtually no exercise in my life and my flexibility was very poor. I also had mild asthma and a weak lower back.”

Hemant before his transformation.

“Between May and July 2012 Matt gradually increased my training intensity as well as looked at strategies to help improve my diet as my family were going to be on holiday for the whole summer.

Since coming back from holiday in September 2012 there have been no end to the improvements. I have now lost nearly 4 stone in the last 12 months as well as over 5% body fat *. The asthma has disappeared completely and my back is now very strong. Matt has also designed a fitness plan for the family for when we go away this Summer.”

If you live in Bolton and are considering a personal trainer then contact me today for a no obligation chat.

*Results may vary from person to person

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