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Why do people leave it so long before going for massage treatments?

Why do people leave it so long before going for massage treatments?

Some of the most common comments I hear from patients are ‘It’s been hurting for a while but I didn’t know what to do about it!’ or ‘I’ve had problems with my back for years!’ or ‘I’ve worked at a desk based job for 20yrs and my shoulders have been hurting most of that time!’. These are just some of the many reasons I hear for people not looking after themselves and getting muscular problems sorted out. These are problems that, more often than not, start off as a niggle and over time turn into days, sometimes weeks off work when the problem escalates (over 30 million work days were lost in 2016 from back related issues alone These are also problems that in many cases can be rectified by a combination of treatment and at home exercises.

A healthy body is now becoming more and more important in modern life. More and more is asked of our body’s. Whether it’s the office worker sat at a computer for 10hrs a day putting strain on their upper back and neck or the delivery driver with an already aching lower back being told that the 100+ parcels they’ve delivered in a day needs to be upped to 120+.

Mental health issues also have a knock on effect with our physical wellbeing. Anxiety, stress and depression can all lead to physical ailments developing with soft tissue, that is muscles, tendons, ligaments, becoming tense.

If you work in a mentally or physically demanding job then getting a regular Deep Tissue Massage is highly recommended. It will help release endorphins into the body helping you feel more relaxed mentally. It will also help get rid of toxins that have accumulated in the muscles.

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