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What to do when you have a trapped nerve

What to do when you have a Trapped Nerve

Trapped nerves are one of the most common forms of upper back pain. A lot of the time this type of pain stems from posture related issues where the upper back muscles are over stretched, usually from sitting for long periods or other unnatural positions. The nerve is caught either between muscles or between muscle and bone and because of the bad posture it can’t release itself.

A lot of the time trapped nerves can be released through massage techniques where the muscles are manipulated to release the nerve back to its normal position. It is usually a relatively painless process though can be uncomfortable at times.

Sometimes trapped nerves are self diagnosed a lot so if we think that there are other underlying problems such as a nerve impingement then we will refer you to the correct medical professional.

If you think you might have a trapped nerve then give us a ring on 07912 754088 or email and we’ll assess your needs and treat you with one or more of our suitable massage techniques to ease the pain and get you on the road to recovery.