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Strength Training and Core Conditioning

It takes a lot of commitment and time to achieve optimum body condition which always includes a high level of fitness, core strength and flexibility. Strength is not a place that you can get to and then stop focusing on. Strength training/body building is a continual process that requires ongoing work and focus. We have experience in designing body building and strength training plans that may include a mix of core conditioning, upper body workouts, leg sessions and aerobic exercise.

Strength & Conditioning is becoming more & more important these days for both men & women wanting to  live a healthy lifestyle.

There is a huge misconception that strength & conditioning is all about men wanting to build huge muscles. Where building muscular size is very possible if this is what you want, the more important reason to strengthen & condition muscles is to live a healthier life and to keep your body in good shape and toned for as many years as possible.

Like any other form of exercise there is no quick fix to gaining muscular strength. It will take a number of weeks to start to see results. It doesn’t matter what build you are, with the correct nutrition & diet programme it is possible for any body type to strengthen (or build muscle if this is what they wish).

At Matt Holland Fitness, strength & conditioning programmes start at the core of muscle fibres! First you will need to develop muscular stability. This is about getting the muscles active and used to being exercised in the proper form and technique. This will give you a base strength and you will feel that your muscles are stronger but you will not bulk up at this stage. After this will come the strength (or hypertrophy) work, making the muscles work the way you want them to (If you don’t want to bulk up then we look at less weight and higher reps). Finally we will work on maintaining the work done. We will also work on bringing the core (torso) muscles into play with every muscular exercise performed so in turn improving posture, core strength and weight control while at the same time working the specific muscles exercised.

If you want to go that extra step and start to build bigger muscles and bulk then we will raise the weights while at the same time keeping things well in control.

Getting the body you want is the easy bit….the hard part is maintaining things!

The Benefits of Strength & Conditioning Training with Matt Holland Fitness

The benefits of Muscular Strength & conditioning training are :

– Increased Metabolic Rate so that you feel more energetic and younger
– Increasing & Restoring Bone Density. Remember that age decreases bone density so a good resistance programme can help offset this.
– Increased Lean Muscle Mass & Muscle Strength, Power, and Endurance
– Injury Prevention
– Improved Balance, Flexibility, Mobility & Stability
– Decreased Risk of Coronary Disease
– Increases speed of Rehabilitation & Recovery
– Feeling Better & Looking Better

For more information on Strength & Conditioning or to book in for a programme please give us a call on 07912 754088 or you can get in touch via our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For information on pricing please visit our pricing page where you will find a complete list of prices for strength & conditioning (which falls under personal training) as well as all our other services.

Matt Holland Fitness covers all areas of Central & South Lancashire including Chorley, Leyland, Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Ormskirk, Southport & Skelmersdale