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We will design a Personal Training programme customised to suit your individual needs, whatever your ability or state of fitness

Personal Trainer Lancashire

Matt Holland Fitness provides flexible and effective studio or outdoor based personal training services across Lancashire. Whether you’re a gym addict or a solo runner, Matt can help you get the most out of your body and your time to help you reach your fitness goals. Along with nutritional advice, Matt is the perfect personal trainer to advise and inspire you. Whether you’re getting ready for that special event or holiday, or simply keeping yourself in shape, Matt can provide a program to suit your requirements. Call Matt for all your NW personal training needs today, whatever your ability or state of fitness.

First of all we offer you a FREE CONSULTATION which involves a no pressure, no obligation chat. If you’re happy with how things are going then we can use this time to fill out the necessary paperwork. This is to get an idea of your fitness, diet & medical history. During this time we will also start some fitness tests which will be repeated every 4-6 weeks and are completely free with blocks of sessions. The tests include –

  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Body Composition Analysis – (Body fat %, Skeletal muscle %)
  • Body measurements – (Hip, Waist, Chest, Arms)

If after the consultation you want to try a 30 minute taster session we will throw this in for free as well.

A typical Personal Training session lasts 45 – 60 minutes & includes work to strengthen & condition the body whilst at the same time reducing body fat (usually mistaken for wanting to lose body weight). Combined with posture correction & injury prevention, these are the main reasons why personal trainers are hired.

There is always some kind of cardiovascular or aerobic training involved. This is what burns the fat & gets the heart healthier. This will involve exercises such as –

  • Walking or Running – (Depending on where you’re fitness levels are at)
  • Boxing training – A fantastic way to give the body an all over workout
  • Interval Training – (Fast sprints running, cycling or boxing interspersed with slower periods. This is great for conditioning the body)
  • Cycling
  • Weight based Cardio

After this we will work on Core Stability & Core Strength. The core, or trunk is the body’s engine and these are the muscles that give us good posture & are crucial for day to day activities. Core Stability is about stabilising the many trunk muscles of the abdomen & spine. Over time this will lead to strength work. Core work involves getting used to the gym balls and medicine balls which can be daunting at first but are great fun!

There will also be some weight based exercises involved to improve muscular strength & conditioning. This will involve a structured programme that is customised to your goals. There is a misconception with ladies that weight training will build huge muscles. Ladies lack the vital ingredient, which is testosterone, to build muscle mass. It’s always nice however to have that nice toned body & using smaller weights is the route to achieving this. If you’re interested in building bigger muscles then please visit our strength & conditioning page.

At Matt Holland Fitness we train a great variety of clients, from personal training people who want general fitness or strength training right through to clients with various ailments & barriers towards fitness. Our clients have very different goals such as fat loss, strength & muscle gain, posture correction & even using exercise as pain relief. We pride ourselves on our empathetic approach towards our clients and treat everyone with the same respect as the next person.

The Benefits of Personal Training

There are many benefits to hiring a Personal Trainer:

  • We will design a Personal Training programme that is customised towards your health & fitness needs
  • You will have less risk of injury as we will guide you step by step through your programme
  • You will see results quicker than if you train alone as we will give you guidance on technique
  • You will have someone there 100% of the way to support & motivate you
  • It will give you added confidence to train alone or join a gym at a later date

For information on cost & block booking options please visit our pricing pageIf you refer a friend or family member & they purchase a block of 10 or 20 sessions you will receive a free session.

Matt Holland Fitness covers all locations within 20 miles of our Chorley based studio including Preston, Leyland, Bolton & Blackburn as well as other Lancashire locations. Please give us a call on 07912 754088 or fill in our website contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.