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We can help you get on the right track with sound advice on Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutrition, Body Conditioning and Weight Loss

There is always advice on eating clean, the best diet, food prep and changing your lifestyle, but honestly, how many of us can say we stick to any diet for longer than a few weeks? In fact, just the word ‘diet’ means that it’s only going to be a short term fix.

If you’re committed to a lifestyle change but need some help and inspiration why not enlist the help of an expert nutrition advisor and reach your lifestyle and body goals. Matt has been advising clients for many years on what to eat and how to organise their lives so they can prepare to eat clean and ultimately achieve their health goals as well as their dream figure. Along with his personal training and sports massage services, nutrition and weight loss consultancy fit perfectly. Take the first step along the road to a fitter, healthier and leaner you by calling Matt today.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

With rapidly growing obesity rates in the UK, sound Weight Loss advice is becoming more important than ever.

There are far too many “fad” diets that tell people they will lose a certain amount of weight in a given time frame and other such gimmicks. At Matt Holland Fitness we believe there is no such thing as a “diet”. Healthy eating is a lifestyle not a 4 week diet!

Matt Holland Fitness’ Weight Loss programme will give you an education not only about what types of foods are healthy and nutritious but we will also give you an insight into what small lifestyle changes you can make to bring a more healthy attitude to your life on a permanent basis. To add to this we will help you out with the fitness side of weight loss because to gain maximum results with weight loss it is very important to eat right AND exercise.

We don’t believe in rushing weight loss. Statistically people who lose large amounts of weight in a short space of time are more likely to put it back on faster than those who undergo a slower, more controlled plan. Realistically you should be looking at losing no more than 2lbs a week but because you will have changed your mentality towards what you eat over the programme you should find it a great deal easier to continue with the good habits you have picked up and the progress you have made.
Either we can come to you or you can come to our Chorley based fitness studio and we can chat in complete privacy. Remember also that Matt Holland Fitness will be here 100% during your programme to support and advise you.

Weight Loss Advice – What does Matt Holland Fitness offer?

What we will offer you –

1. Weekly weight and body composition analysis (measurements, body fat, blood pressure) – This will give you all the motivation you need and will also help us to modify things if you are struggling.

2. Analysis of your current food intake including food diaries and a breakdown of what you are eating into protein, fat and carbohydrates.

3. Ongoing support, help, advice and motivation during your programme

4. We can also set up a Personal Training programme for you with Studio based Personal Training available

Please call for pricing.

To find out more information on Weight Loss Advice or for a completely confidential chat please give us a call on 07912 754088 or get in touch via our contact form.

Matt Holland Fitness covers all areas of Central & South Lancashire including Chorley, Leyland, Preston, Bolton, Blackburn, Ormskirk, Southport & Skelmersdale