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Functional fitness is one of the biggest things in gyms and health clubs these days. It’s all about training your body to handle real-life situations.

Functional fitness training is now becoming increasingly important in the world of fitness.

Imagine. One day you’re bench-pressing 100kg, and pulling enough weight on the seated rowing machine to try out for the Olympic rowing team. The next day you lift a 25kg suitcase to carry it downstairs, and throw your back out. What happened? In all likelihood, you’re not paying enough attention to your functional fitness training. You might be toned, tight, and ready for the beach, but are you ready to lift your toddler out of his car seat or lift the heavy bags from the weekly shop?

Functional fitness training is one of the most important aspects of the fitness industry these days. It focuses on strengthening but more importantly, stabilising parts of the body to make it capable of doing real-life day to day activities, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in a motion that would never be used in real life.

Making Muscles Work Together

Matt Holland Fitness can customise a Functional Fitness Training fitness programme to help you find the right balance and strength that nature designed us for. We will get your muscles working together as a unit and not just for individual single plane movements where only the big muscles work.

We use suspension training kits which are a piece of equipment specifically designed for functional fitness. This will get the smaller assisting muscles working alongside the bigger muscle groups and make them even stronger. It will also vastly improve core stability and posture as these muscles will be used for every exercise. Alongside the suspension training kit, a step, a medicine ball & a stability ball are about all we need to get started.

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