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Jessica Holt

Jessica Holt

Jessica is one of my clients in Chorley and has had great success with the plan we devised together.

“I was a regular at the gym and fitness classes but after giving birth to my first child I was no longer getting the results that I needed to get my body back to pre-pregnancy shape. 18 months on I was still struggling to lose the final 10 pounds of weight and with turning 40 and having a number of holidays and events in 2013 I decided to recruit Matt as my Personal Trainer to get me back in shape.”

“Within 4 weeks of starting training I lost nearly 4 inches off my waist and with advice on what to eat and when, plus the flexibility to work the sessions around my busy work commitments I have managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in just 6 months *.

From a personal perspective I would like to say that Matt is not only a great trainer, always pushing me a little further each time and motivating me to do better, but he is also a nice guy to chat to! He has also been very adaptable with his training when an old back injury re-occurred and also when I broke my big toe, he still managed to get results.”

If you live in Chorley and would like to discuss either home-based or studio-based personal training then please contact me.

*Results may vary from person to person

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