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The difference between Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

The Difference Between Swedish, Deep Tissue & Sports Massage.

When most people book a massage they either want a relaxing treatment or they have a muscular niggle in one or more places on the body that require something with a bit more oomph!! Each style has it’s own unique elements and we describe them below:

Swedish Massage.

This type of treatment is brilliant if you want to relax and get general stresses and strains out of your system. Swedish massage is generally gentle to medium in pressure. The therapist will start with long gliding hand strokes that are relaxing but are firm enough to get the blood flowing under the skin. Various techniques are used in Swedish massage such as Effleurage and Petrissage. Effleurage is the long gentle strokes used at the start of a massage, generally used to warm and prepare the body. Petrissage is slightly deeper and involves the use of the ‘ball’ of the hand to break down any knots through ‘kneading’ and get them into the blood system. Once into the blood system, any toxins or unwanted natural chemicals will then be processed in the liver and excreted naturally.

The main benefits of Swedish massage are

• Relaxation

• Mood and stress improvement

• Improves blood circulation

• Waste removal from the body

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is used when the body is in need of treatment that requires more pressure or intensity that Swedish Massage can’t provide. There is a misconception that Sports Massage Therapy is only for sports people or athletes. This is definitely not true. Anyone can get a sports massage. Sports massage is usually applied when there is a localised pain, whether it’s a muscle pull or strain or if the patient is recovering from a long standing injury or problem. Sports massage can be quite an intense form of treatment. Techniques such as Tapotement, which is a ‘tapping’ technique or trigger point therapy, which involves applying pressure to various ‘knotted’ areas of scar tissue, are used in sports massage. These techniques break down the stubborn scar tissue and so can be quite uncomfortable when treated. Sports massages are usually applied over a series of sessions and very rarely completely cure a problem during the first session.

The main benefits of Sports Massage are

• Breaks down stubborn scar tissue in the muscles

• Helps muscles to work at an optimal capacity

• Pain relief

• Helps remove waste from the body

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is much the same as Sports Massage but is applied over a broader area of the body. Usually areas such as the back or legs are treated for pain relief. Deep tissue massage is ideal if the patient has a job that places alot of stress and strain on the postural muscles of the back. People who work in desk and car based jobs are usually the most likely to require this type of treatment. This is by far the most common type of treatment applied, and unfortunately, due to the stresses of the modern world, this trend is likely to continue to rise.

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